I got to tell ya...

How do I define what I do musically? I don't...that's the point...Whether it's my "Dark Ambition"..... my unapologetic political soundboard that is part metal part punk part prog and ALL hard rock ...or My "Brent Bly" stuff which is melodic hard rock with groove and sex, and a little more uplifting and positive and at times silly......I have no musical boundaries and I don't give a shit about "being a rockstar" ...I'm all about INVENTION...maybe it's ego I don't know :)

To me....good music is music that can make your head bob up and down AND make you move your hips...Aggression and Groove...RAISE YOUR FIST AND SHAKE YOUR ASS..I can't play music that doesn't have some sort of groove...Rock and Roll DESPITE what people say about is ALL ABOUT SEX...The word "rock n roll" is SLANG FOR F--KING. I'm hard rock all day...ACDC is in my DNA...A white trash amped up rebel with ABSOLUTELY NO CAUSE.

Oh yeah...if you GOOGLE me you'll see that I use to model. I was PLAYGIRL Magazine's REAL MAN OF THE MONTH in the July/August 2008 Edition. Page 75 if you are interested.. Never claimed to be or ever wanted to be a model or anything like that. But anything for a little "exposure" I suppose (bad pun intended)

I LIVE AND BREATHE THIS SHIT. That's my bio...that's all that matters in my life :)

My name is Brent..I Make Music...PERIOD

and's ego :) in a healthy and constructive way :)